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Upgrade your skills. Get certified!
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About Altura Learning

Altura Learning  has successfully trained thousands of personnel in accredited and professional development courses in the Nursing, Aged and Community Care industries.

Provider+ is pleased to partner with Altura Learning (RTO ID: 5060) for the delivery of a range of Nationally Accredited Qualifications.

Popular Courses: 

✔️ Assisting a person to shower
✔️ Bathing and Grooming a person confined to bed
✔️ Bowel Management
✔️ Caring for a Person after Stroke
✔️ Caring for a Person with Depression / Anxiety
✔️ Caring for a person with Mental-Illness (Bipolar disorder-schizophrenia)
✔️ Caring for a Person with Respiratory Issues
✔️ Caring for Indigenous Australians
✔️ Changing Urinary Catheters
✔️ Clinical Assessment (Head to Toe)
✔️ Clinical Skills (Administering Injections)
✔️ Clinical Skills (Managing Stoma Care)
✔️ Clinical Skills (Use of Respiratory Aids)
✔️ Clinical Skills for Care staff (Catheter bags, BP tubular bandages)
✔️ Consumer Directed Care
✔️ Degenerative Diseases (Understanding the conditions)
✔️ Dementia – Everyday Care
✔️ Depression Awareness & Support
✔️ Diabetes – Everyday Care
✔️ Dignity – Personalised Care
✔️ Dysphagia Awareness & Support of Swallowing Difficulties
✔️ Fire Safety in the Home
✔️ Guide to Safe Food Handling

✔️ HS – Supporting People to Move
✔️ Infection Control (An overview)
✔️ Infection Control in a Home-Care setting
✔️ Loneliness (Alone in a crowd)
✔️ Maintaining Professional Roles & Boundaries
✔️ Managing UTIs
✔️ Manual Handling (Assisting Clients’ Safety)
✔️ Medication Management (A Framework)
✔️ Mental Health (Defining Dementia, Depression & Delirium)
✔️ Minimising the Risk of Falls in home
✔️ Parkinson’s (A person-centered approach)
✔️ Person-Centered activities
✔️ Personal Safety (when providing Care)
✔️ Privacy Confidentiality
✔️ Professional Roles & Boundaries
✔️ Promoting Independence
✔️ Re-ablement
✔️ Recognising Changes in Client’s Needs
✔️ Responding to Challenging Behaviours (Aggression)
✔️ Safe Food Handling in Home
✔️ Tissue Viability Pressure Injuries
✔️ Transporting Clients Safely
✔️ Understanding the Condition ; Dementia
✔️ Urinary Continence Management
✔️ Use of Restraints
✔️ WHS (Looking after your back)
✔️ Wound Management (Venous leg ulcers)

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