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This end user license allows you to use the policies and documents we will be supplying you for registration purposes and is for your use only.

By signing off on the service agreement you have agreed to all the terms and conditions of use of this license and we are providing this here as a copy for you.

If you have any questions please contact us on [email protected]


Policy & Form End User License Agreement

Date expires: For the duration of subsistence of copyright
Territory: Everywhere

All policy and form documents provided by the Supplier to the Client under this Work Order are copyright. Apart from any use as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, no part may be reproduced by any process without prior written permission (License) from the Supplier.

The Client is the licensee of the policy and form documents provided by the Supplier under this Work Order.

As licensee the Client is entitled to print, copy or amend policy and form documents provided by the Supplier to aid the implementation and application of these documents in the Client’s operations.

The licensee is not entitled to distribute or communicate this material, except where such communication occurs in the context of informing specified third parties¹ of the licensee’s operations, policies and procedures. Material distributed for these purposes must be in an unamendable format (such as a locked PDF).

The licensee is not entitled to communicate or publish the material over the internet or in an unrestricted public domain where it is likely to be freely distributed and copied.

The licensee is not entitled to distribute or communicate this material either as a product or a service.

The licensee is not entitled to charge a fee for distribution or communication of this material.

The licensee must take all care to prevent the distribution of this publication to other parties who may not respect the requirements of this license or the copyright.

This license does not extend to any subsidiaries, ventures or parent organisations of the licensee.

The licensor warrants that they are entitled to grant license and that a licensee’s exercise of the license will not infringe third party rights.


¹Specified third parties relate to NDIA, NDIS Commission, or equivalent state based government agency auditors or representatives such as through state based audit process when the Licensee is required to demonstrate its policy and procedural approach to operations in support of their compliance with quality standards or registration requirements