Become a Registered Home Care Provider

Australia has a growing aged population, which means the demand for quality home care service providers is increasing.

Applying to become a registered Home Care provider is a complex and time-consuming process. Aged Care Providers are required to navigate a lengthy review process and meet a very specific set of compliance, business and staffing requirements in order to be approved.

PROVIDERplus has the experience and expertise to guide you through these requirements and assist you from your initial registration application, policy and procedure creation, through to audit preparation and post audit assistance. Read More

Home Care Package Registration Consultants

Are you wondering about how to become a Home Care provider?? If so, PROVIDERplus is here with the answers, and we can provide you with all the support you need to fill in your My Aged Care provider registration to the necessary standards.

About The Home Care Package Registration Process

The Home Care package registration process can both be lengthy and frustrating. You need to demonstrate that you have the compliance, business and staffing requirements to become a registered Home Care provider.

Fortunately, PROVIDERplus has Home Care provider application consultants available to guide you through the whole process. We can help you with how to register for Home Care to completing your My Aged Care online registration.

How Does PROVIDERplus assist Home Care Applications

When you first look at the My Aged Care forms that need completing, you may feel apprehensive and wonder how you will get them done to the right standards. As well as this, the Home Care Package registration process requires you to create policies, procedures and audits, which can appear confusing.

By using PROVIDERplus, a professional consultancy, you can rest assured that you are working with a team that has vast knowledge and experience of the process.

Trust our registration consultants

Rather than completing your My Aged Care registration form yourself, you can entrust it to one of our experts who will do it for you, saving you valuable time. Thanks to our experience, we know what to say and how to say it, which can help you to become an approved Home Care provider.

With your Home Care Package application in the safe hands of the team at PROVIDERplus, you will be able to become a provider for Home Care more quickly and feel confident your application has been filled out correctly. If you have any concerns over the Home Care Package registration process, we can answer those questions for you in plain English.

Ongoing Home Care provider support

PROVIDERplus is also here for your ongoing support. We have different membership options to suit individuals and businesses, and it helps you to remain compliant as a Home Care provider.

It includes our basic membership that gives you access to many different online events and our events library to Plus membership that lets you have one-to-one consultations with one of our experts and get any answers or clarification that you may need.

We also have our All-Access membership, which gives you all the benefits of Lite and Plus members, as well as top-end content such as Audit Success Mentorship and PROVIDERlaunch pad.

When you choose our Plus or All Access membership, you will also have a 20% discount with our VIP Aged Care Registration Service.

Supporting you with the answers for registering and being an ongoing Home Care provider

Becoming an approved Home Care provider has never been easier than with PROVIDERplus. We take the stress out of the process and help you to achieve your status. We also help providers with through the Home Care assessment process. We also have specialist NDIS consultants to assist with any application questions you may have. Read Less


Our team has a deep understanding of the Home Care Package registration process and knows what supporting documentation is required to meet the standards. We will give you clarity and, most importantly, save you time, so you can become a registered Home Care provider sooner.

Call one of our expert consultants today so you can start providing Home Care services to our community


If you’re ready to become an approved Home Care provider, but you’re too busy, unsure about the application process or you just want it done correctly – PROVIDERplus can help.
We will clear the confusion, give back your time and ensure your registration is completed to the standards.



If you’re ready to start your Home Care provider registration application, but still have a few more questions, call us now on 1300 852 790.
You will speak with one of our expert Home Care Package registration consultants who can explain exactly what PROVIDERplus does and answer any questions you have.

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Once you become registered as an approved Home Care provider, our services don’t stop there. We also offer ongoing support to help comply with changes in the Aged Care landscape as well as offering strategies to help grow your business.

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