How to Become an Aged Care Service Provider in 2021

If you want to become an aged care service provider, it’s highly likely that you know what’s involved to some degree. You’ll be aware that care services cover lots of different categories and are provided in various places. You’ll also know that the aims are to look after elderly people’s well-being, keep them safe and help them to live as independently and contentedly as possible.

If you are looking to become a provider, it’s almost certain you have some experience of working in the sector and so will know the general requirements of the job. What you probably don’t know is how to set up the business and what you need to do to be effective and compliant so a few hints to set you on the right track are provided next.

Guidelines for becoming an Aged Care Service Provider

There are significant differences between an aged care worker and an aged care service provider. The former is an individual who actually carries out the work, either as an employee or a freelance worker, while the latter is a business that generally employs care workers to provide the necessary services. As a provider, therefore, you are responsible for those carers and the service they provide, and for the well-being of the people being cared for.

What type of care will you provide?

Before becoming a provider, you have to decide on the type of care you provide, which can be:

  • running a residential care home for elderly people
  • providing care services within people’s homes.

Residential Aged Care home provider

For a residential care home, you will provide for most aspects of residents’ lives while home care services can vary depending on individual needs. These services may include cleaning, gardening, food preparation, personal care and medical needs so you must have workers who can handle the various tasks.

You can provide services using your own employees, agency workers or a mixture of the two. In all cases, you are responsible for the well-being of your clients and so must be confident that all workers are reliable, able to work safely and will cause no harm. PROVIDERplus can consult you through the My Aged Care assessment process.

In order to operate as effectively as possible, you should become an approved provider and need to submit an application to the Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission. In this application, you must prove that you:

  • are a corporation
  • can deliver services in line with the Aged Care Act 1997 and conform to its principles
  • understand your responsibilities and will comply with them
  • have the necessary financial management systems in place
  • employ in key positions people who have no criminal convictions that will adversely affect those being cared for.

Processing after Approval

Once you become an approved provider, you can register on the My Aged Care portal. This enables you to be matched with those people seeking providers and to receive funding provided by the government. In order to do so, you must continue to provide a reliable service and adhere to your responsibilities.

Any complaints are dealt with by the Aged Care Complaints Commissioner who will take action if these complaints are upheld. It’s important, therefore, that you don’t let standards drop once approved.

At PROVIDERplus, we help you through the process of becoming an aged care service provider and then retaining your approved status. With our help, your business will prosper and grow.

PROVIDERplus can help you through the Aged Care provider application process, as well help providers work through their NDIS audit.