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At the core of the NDIS goals and objectives is the purpose to provide people with disabilities with the support that they require in order for them to live as independently as they possibly can. It is through collaboration with registered service providers that they are able to achieve this, and one way they do this is through Supported Independent Living (SIL). Simply put, SIL is the regular supervision or assistance of a participant with the various tasks of everyday life with the end goal of helping them live as autonomously as possible.

All providers involved in the Supporting Independent Living are required as per the NDIS terms and conditions to provide a quote to the participants that they are providing assistance to, with the guidance of the SIL pack and quoting tool available on the NDIS website. The pack serves to help in the faster assessment of SIL quotes from providers, by providing even more information to planners and delegates that factor into their decision making.

The SIL Quoting Process

1. Discussion of proposed service with the participant.

Before any kind of service can be provided to a participant, the provider must first engage them and/or their family members in a discussion regarding the services to be offered. Similarly planners are obliged to inform participants upon receipt of a service offer so that they are kept aware of the proceedings.

A provider is then required to complete the SIL pack which consists of the quoting, roster of care and the hourly breakdown templates. After this the provider then submits the completed SIL Pack to their local NDIA contact or NDIA hub, with the supporting evidence to their quote attached.

2. Review of submitted SIL Pack and agreement of the quite

The NDIA planner/delegate thoroughly goes through the submitted SIL Pack, and may request further information if the situation so requires. In accordance with section 34 of the NDIS Act, the NDIA determines whether or not the quote is reasonable and necessary. Further discussion is carried out if the amounts quoted and the necessary amounts differ until all is agreed upon.

3. Approval, assignment and creation of service booking

Following an agreement on the quote, the NDIA planner with concludes the quoting process by assigning a service booking to the provider.

It can be said that the SIL pack and quoting tool are the backbones to the provision of Supported Independent Living to NDIS participant. With these tools it is possible for providers to clearly outline the services they intend to provide, and the planners and delegates to properly process the quotes submitted for service provision, making the entire process more efficient.

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