Webinar Presenter's Agreement

Thank you for agreeing to present a webinar for the PROVIDERplus members.


To get started, please follow these simple steps below:

Presenter's Agreement

Presenter's Agreement

Complete the agreement and submit including terms and conditions below:

Presenter’s Info & Agreement.

Terms & Conditions

Technical Requirements Check

Technical Requirements Check

Ensure you check your computer meets the WebinarJam requirements.

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Review Webinar Samples

Review Webinar Samples

View this example webinar for an idea of the format of our webinars.

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Submit Completed Powerpoint

Submit Completed Powerpoint

Submit your PowerPoint 14 days prior to the date of the webinar. Our team will review, provide feedback, and then upload the final version to WebinarJam platform.

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Book a Sound Check

Book a Sound Check

Book WebinarJam test presentation and sound check 7 days prior.

Send Your Invoice

Send Your Invoice

Send us an invoice after the event to [email protected]

Terms and Conditions


The presenter must adhere to the allotted time-frame for the webinar – please plan slide sets accordingly. Webinar presentations must be submitted in the form of a PowerPoint slide set using the PROVIDERplus template as provided.

Presentation final version/copy must be received at least 14 days prior to the scheduled webinar date. The presentation is subject to review and changes by PROVIDERPus management; per the content rules below.


Webinar Promotion:

In addition to promoting the webinar to our audience via our website, e-Newsletters, email blasts and social media presence, we would like you as well to send one dedicated email blast about the event to your list 1-2 weeks before the scheduled webinar date. PROVIDERplus will provide you with the registration link for this mailing.


As a Webinar Speaker, you will be required to:

• Develop your own content and make sure Presentation must NOT contain any offensive comments or images.

• Present according to the scheduled date and time.

• Have access to a computer system and the necessary tools to conduct the webinar.

• Be online 15 minutes prior to the webinar start time.

• Submit a JPG headshot photo and bio at least 3 weeks in advance of the webinar for marketing purposes.

• Provide presentation materials, including PowerPoint (PPT) as per the given template, PDFs, and/or any additional supplemental material, videos, etc. no later than one week prior to the date of the webinar.

• Assist in the promotion of the webinar, to the best of your ability.

As a Webinar Speaker, you agree to the following terms:

• PROVIDERplus will be the sole copyright owner of the recorded webinar in its entirety.

• The webinar will be recorded & made available in the Webinar Library of the PROVIDERplus website for exclusive members and registered attendees.

• You attest that you are the author/owner and/or you are authorized to use the content to be presented and that PROVIDERplus is not liable for any content presented or misused on your part.

• You grant permission to PROVIDERplus to publish your title and description for public viewing on the internet and appropriate promotional materials.

• You give permission to PROVIDERplus to provide the presentation handout materials developed for the webinar to registered attendees after the event.

• You have obtained written photo release permission for any photos of individuals to be used for the purpose of the presentation and handout for the PROVIDERplus webinar and for the purpose of marketing the webinar.


Copyright and Ownership:

The Presenter hereby conveys to PROVIDERplus exclusive right to reproduce and/or publish this webinar recording, presentation, and its derivatives, to adapt to other media.



The presenter shall not be entitled to any reimbursement or honorarium for this webinar from any source unless agreed upon in writing with PROVIDERplus in this agreement.

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