3 Months to Thrive

Ready. Set. Go.

A FREE Growth Program for NDIS Providers

You could spend the next three months worrying about the NDIS sector, stressing about the changes that have been thrust upon us struggling with uncertainty.


You could use the next three months to focus on your business and accelerate with Three Months to Thrive, our free growth program for NDIS Providers. Get strategic and lay the foundations for the next three years.

We’ll give you the oxygen to survive, plus the nutrients to thrive.





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Month 1 : READY 

Strengthen Business Foundations

Month 2 : SET

Optimise Business Operations

Month 3 : GO

Accelerate Business Growth


Strengthen Business Foundations

WEEK 1: Let’s get started
Introduction session with PROVIDERplus Founders, Will and Tania



WEEK 2: Business Planning for NDIS



WEEK 3: Money Mindset



WEEK 4: Getting Service Bookings Right




Optimise Business Operations

WEEK 5: Optimising accounts and taxation



WEEK 6: Digital Options for NDIS providers



WEEK 7: Leading staff through uncertain times



WEEK 8: Compliance Health check



Accelerate Business Growth

WEEK 9: NDIS Marketing 101


WEEK 10: Digital marketing basics



WEEK 11: NDIS trends and opportunity



WEEK 12: Q&A session and bonus gift



Frequently Asked Questions

  What is the cost for this program?

Zero. The program is completely free for any NDIS provider to attend and there are no hidden costs. We’ve developed this program to assist NDIS providers in this challenging time, to help them rethink strategy and focus on creating a successful and sustainable business.

PROVIDERplus intended to make this program exclusively for our members, but given the current climate, we want to assist as many NDIS providers as possible to ensure a strong NDIS landscape for all the participants that rely upon it. We’re in this together.

 Who is PROVIDERplus?

We are Australia’s leading NDIS Provider platform. We’re an essential toolbox for businesses that are serious about achieving success in a highly regulated industry.

Our expert team’s knowledge of the NDIS is unparalleled, allowing us to provide reliable advice in a constantly changing field. We’ll take care of your NDIS registration, make sure you stay compliant and give you the tools for your business to thrive.

 How do I register?

Simply click the ‘register now’ button above or click HERE.

 How are the sessions run?

The sessions are run live as an online course. There are additional handouts and activities to complete as you progress through the program.

 What if I can’t make it on the session time?

No problem! All sessions are recorded and will be available inside the online course for you to view at your leisure.

 I am already a PROVIDERplus member, can I participate?

Yes, absolutely! All members are welcome. Each session will include additional member exclusive resources to ensure our members get the most value from this program.

 Who do I contact if I need assistance registering?

Please contact [email protected] with any technical issues.

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