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It was a blessing for me to get in touch with PROVIDERplus. Pam heard my cries and listened to me without judging. Pam, is a special person who respects people from every culture and does not discriminate, stereotype or prejudice. Pam may God protect your workplace PROVIDERplus.
Alex James
I would like to thank you all at PROVIDERplus for your contribution and dedication in the provision of consultancy. This would have not been possible without the combined effort and support you provided me.
Isaac Djumapili
Our audit was originally meant to be 3 days long, thanks to the services and membership support PROVIDERplus provided the auditor was finished in less than a day! This saved us a huge amount of time and money.
Beck Doyle
PROVIDERplus is a very powerful and extremely helpful resource in the NDIS world. I'd been following & utilising their great free advice & stuff for about 1 year, when 'SARS-2 CoV 19' changed everybody's world. Out of that situation has come a very generous offer from PROVIDERplus to conduct 3Months To Thrive, a 12 week online course for free to providers. I've become a member and benefiting greatly from that membership. You should too.
Jack Minton
My time is precious but I will spend time recommending good business services when I see one. If you are seeking to be a registered NDIS provider and want some advice on how to get it done properly, look no further than PROVIDERplus! Truly, one of the best business decisions I have ever made. Every single one of their lovely and professional staffs from Angel to Pam (the amazing Guru and wealth of knowledge) or Kylie and many more outstanding individuals, they not only provide you with turn key solutions but they go above and beyond to ensure your questions are answered; your stress levels greatly reduced. Don't thread into the wilderness that is the NDIA, let PROVIDERplus show you the way!
Joseph Ooi
My experience with using PROVIDERplus to assist me with the NDIS re registration process has been very positive. The staff have always been professional, responsive to my panic , informative regarding the processes and very supportive. The documents and training videos that they produce are of high quality. The webinars are run by knowledgeable professionals who are able to explain the various topics clearly. As a sole trader trying to navigate this process I have felt very supported by Pam Clerici and Kylie Helou, who are both professional, helpful and knowledgeable. my membership with PROVIDERplus has been worth every cent. I can recommend them to any other providers who need support with the registration process. Thank you for your assistance during this trying time.
Helen McCaffray
Joining PROVIDERplus to support my journey in treating NDIS patients was one of the best decision I could have made. They made the process so much easier and provided me with all the policies and tools for a successful application and audit.
Chris Aslan
I was apprehensive that as a sole trader I would be dismissed as unimportant in the client hierarchy, but Pam in particular has always been really helpful, amazingly patient and at all times professional. It as made a very daunting exercise less overwhelming.
Esabel Lamusse
PROVIDERplus are very helpful. PROVIDERplus give information quickly when asked.A lot of their webinars have been informative, positively impacting all of Spinal Home Help's NDIS services.
Spinal Home Help
Cronulla Nursing Services are so grateful to have had PROVIDERplus assist and guide us through the Audit and Certification Process and, knowing that we now have ongoing support with our VIP membership is very reassuring. We felt that the polices, templates and support were comprehensive and fit for purpose with a real focus on what we do as a Company and Service. Pam was amazing. Communication was always prompt and no question too difficult/silly. We felt well prepared and quietly confident going into auditing process and received great feedback from our Auditors.
"Amelie Housing is quite new to the NDIS-Specialist Disability Accommodation area. So when we were advised we had to go through a Re Registration process, we felt we needed help to navigate what we initally saw as an involved and complicated process.

PROVIDERplus were magnificent in how they supported us at this time. The documentation they provider us and the one on one tutoring was absolutely invaluable making sense and clarifying our practices and procedures. This proved to be an eye opening experience for Amelie Housing with the documentation vastly improving our Participant and stake holder engagement in a most positive way."
Bernie Murphy
Disability Accommodation Manager
"My consultant Pam Clerici was absolutely amazing , nothing was too much for her , and she responded to my numerous phone calls and emails as I was unsure of every step of the NDIS process.

Pam clearly gave me a better understanding and put me on the right track,I must add that Pam replied to 100% of my enquiries. Pam always answered my questions in a very professional manner and never once showed she was annoyed with my constant calls.

The auditors that PROVIDERplus recommended were absolutely marvellous, and very helpful and I will definitely be using their services again. PROVIDERplus made this process so much easier. Thank you to the lovely staff that have helped me with my application."
Erina Marino
HM Recruitment Services Pty Ltd / Visionary Support Services
“ I would like to thank you for putting on the webinar last week. It was extremely helpful in explaining what the process is and how we need to move forward with becoming NDIS complaint with the new requirements.”
Michelina Pelosi
Total Ability
"It was great working with Tania and her team on helping us in the NDIS process and we loved the fact that communication was prompt at all times, even late at night. Thanks so much."
Team Sendayo
“I am so grateful I found PROVIDERplus. I have no idea how I would have completed my NDIS Commission Renewal without them and can only say positive things about the whole experience. Can’t recommend them highly enough.”
The Trustee for RHR Managed Services
"Thank you for the live webinar… It was truly helpful and created clarity for our business."
Fiona Jack
Family Time Australia Pty Ltd
"The registration process was made very clear and easy to understand."
Nantuil Wur
Home And Community Care Pty Ltd
"I have been more than impressed with the professional approach, the individual service and the hassle free journey we've had to submit our application for reaccreditation. Information was delivered well before the scheduled time and was in an easy format to understand. Nina has been a god-send, making this part of our journey so easy. We are lucky to have you working with us."
Barcaldine Regional Council

Let Australia’s Expert NDIS Consultants Do the Work For You

NDIS Provider Registration Consultants

NDIS provider registration consulting is a unique service that PROVIDERplus is proud to offer. We are the only consultancy that specialises exclusively in offering services to NDIS providers and helping individuals and businesses register with the NDIS Commission to begin their important work. We understand that NDIS provider registration can be testing even for the most experienced practitioner, which is why we offer a variety of services to ensure the process is seamless and simple. We offer NDIS registration and NDIS help for providers that includes one on one consultation, expert guidance, informative webinars, relevant training, and great communication.

If you’re looking for help registering or continuing your NDIS work, look no further than PROVIDERplus and our great membership options.

NDIS Provider Registration

Our NDIS consultanting options offer two levels of memberships designed to meet the needs of the two primary forms of providers in this market space. With these memberships, you gain access to all of our extensive knowledge and can connect with a team of professionals who will help you every step of the way.

Avoid the frustration of trying to work out what the NDIS Commission and NDIA are saying and trust our team of experts who live and breathe NDIS regulation and processes. When you sign up, you’ll get access to weekly webinars that teach you everything you need to know about the industry and registration process. You’ll be introduced to key issues in an informative and laid back way. We also offer extensive policy implementation training, Stage1 and 2 Audit bootcamps, audit preparation programs, ongoing workshops and notifications to keep you up to date and updates on policy requirements as they are announced. Every member also receives a monthly 20min 1:1 consulting session, and those benefits are continually improving and expanding.

We believe in offering real NDIS help for providers. That means ensuring you understand everything you need to know, and that you are always fully prepared.

NDIS Registration Consulting

Our VIP Registration Assistance is another fantastic service we offer. It is a complete “done for you” registration service that takes the process out of your hands and allows your business to register as an NDIS provider without having to navigate the complexities, paperwork, and regulations. Having completed more than +4000 applications to date (a number which is quickly growing!), we know the process inside-out and guarantee a smooth and pain-free experience.

Our members to date have had a 100% success rate at audit.

When you sign up for our VIP Registration Assistance, you get your full application form completed and prepared, along with your self-assessments completed and uploaded, and all related policies and forms, supplied in Word open edit format. Auditor introduction comes as standard, as well as rectification post-audit – and all of this is completed within just five days.

NDIS Consultants for Service Providers

Want to find out more about how we can help you register for NDIS? We have NDIS Consultants accross Australia. Find out how to become an NDIS provider in Sydney, how to become an NDIS provider in Melbourne, in Adelaide, and in Brisbane. To find out how to become an NDIS provider in Australia, contact our NDIS consultants today. You can reach us for immediate support on 1300 852 790, or send us an email with any queries or questions you might have. Alternatively, you can use the contact form on the contact page of our site to ask us any questions, and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible to walk you through your options.

We’re always happy to help and advise, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

NDIS - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NDIS?

The NDIS stands for the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Its a program implemented by the National Disability Insurance Agency - with the aim of funding the costs associated with having a disability. The NDIS is regulated by the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Commission, an independent agency established to regulate providers, promote safety and quality services and provide national consistency.

There are over 4 million Australians who experience disabilities, so a clear path to financial assistance for these individuals is crucial. In addition to monetary support, the NDIS can also offer advice, information and guidance, such as connections to appropriate medical practitioners and support groups.

What services does the NDIS provide?

The NDIS offers a broad range of services to Australians experiencing disabilities, all with the goal of improving quality of life and providing financial support and advice.

NDIS services can include:

- assistance with day to day activities

- providing home improvements and modifications

- transportation assistance

- early intervention support

- and much more.

What is the NDIS Commission?

The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission is an independent national agency established to improve the quality and safety of NDIS supports and services. The NDIS Commission is the NDIS regulator, their purpose is to provide national consistency, promote safety and quality services, resolve problems and identify areas for improvement.

The NDIS Commission is the organisation that sets the NDIS practice standards including NDIS provider registration requirements, NDIS Code of Conduct, the national worker screening system, complaints management and resolution system, incident management requirements, including reportable incidents, the worker orientation module, behaviour support requirements in a nationally consistent framework in collaboration with all Australian states and territories.

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