An insight to 5 specialised services and most popular NDIS registration groups

The quality & safeguards commission of the NDIS with a specific set of education and regulatory powers has already started in New South Wales (NSW) & South Australia (SA) and regulates around 10,000 registered providers* since July 2018 to ensure national consistency, promote safety & quality services, resolve problems and identify the areas of improvement.

The currently registered providers include all size of organization and businesses, from individuals / Sole traders (around 45% of total*) to large corporates and not-for-profits. Number of participants* only across NSW & SA is 108,000+ that will continue to grow as the NDS commission is extended nationwide (expected by June 2020).

Which of the registration groups are in demand?

With a bundle of opportunities for prospective providers to get registered and serve the purpose together with NDIS to change the way people with disability are supported in their everyday lives, it is important to know the 5 most popular registration groups as per given stats* which includes;

  1. Therapeutic supports
  2. Household tasks
  3. Assistance with travel/transport arrangements
  4. Early intervention supports for early childhood
  5. Assistive products for personal care and safety

Which service groups are leading the list?

Although the specialized services require the provider to meet additional standards, but still around 47% (of total) providers cover 5 specialised service groups as enlisted below with the one having higher number of providers* on top;

  1. Early Intervention Supports for Early Childhood
  2. High Intensity Daily Personal Activities
  3. Specialised Support Coordination
  4. Specialised Behaviour Supports
  5. Specialised Disability Accommodation

What to expect when planning to take a start with it?

Since the NDIS registration groups are varied with specific set of requirements for each, a thorough understanding of technical and in-depth details are important.  

To ensure you are selecting the right registration groups, contact us today.

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