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NDIS Commission Applications Completed
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NDIS Providers Assisted since 2017
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NDIS Providers have attended our events

Our Mission is to assist NDIS Providers to run high quality, compliant and successful NDIS businesses.

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Need assistance with the NDIS registration process? We have a range of solutions to support your registration with the NDIS Commission.


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Audit Support

If you are preparing for your NDIS Commission audit and want us to review your current policies, conduct an internal audit, assist with rectifications at audit or just want some guidances on the audit process, PROVIDERPlus has a range of Audit support and preparation services and training programs.

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Become an NDIS Provider in NSW

How To Become An NDIS Provider NSW

Registering with the National Disability Insurance Agency can be difficult, even for those in the business. It is a complex process that requires total accuracy throughout. That’s why we at PROVIDERplus have developed a unique program that assists NDIS providers, and new entrants, registering with the NDIS Commission. We are the only consultancy that truly helps you through the whole process to become an NDIS provider in NSW.

We don’t just tell you how to become an NDIS provider in NSW, we take it off your hands and ensure it’s done properly from the start. Then we educate you and teach you how to maintain your compliance and uphold the standards going forward.

With a team of approved NDIS auditors at hand, we complete audits every month and perform the full registration process for companies all over NSW. Becoming an NDIS provider in NSW, therefore, has never been simpler!

Becoming an NDIS Provider in NSW

Our NDIS registration NSW service couldn’t be more comprehensive. We understand the market intimately, and we are working with an increasing number of registered providers across Australia to provide exceptional registration services. We work with companies who value regulatory compliance, who understand the importance of following the rules, and who want to ensure they have the right team at hand to ensure everything is done by the book.

We work with existing providers all over New South Wales and beyond, but we also provide these important services to new entrants to the market. Individuals and businesses who want to become NDIS providers come to us either to avoid the complexities of the application process or because they have experienced those complexities and want someone professional to take over.

Our team provides an essential service for businesses big and small, we have a great understanding of the industry, and we save you time and money with our competitively priced membership options. With our help, you can become fully NDIS registered and compliant and ready to get started.

Register for NDIS in NSW

We help you register for NDIS NSW by offering a comprehensive application and audit assistance service. That means we take all the application forms and self assessments off your hands and fill them in according to the details you provide us while meeting all required standards under the NDIS Commission. We ensure all essential documentation is in place for the application to move forward, we perform a full consultation right at the start to ensure your application goes ahead without a hitch.

Once your application is complete and submitted we then guide and educate you through the rest of the process. This helps you understand what is expected of you, ensures you don’t make any mistakes and leads to your successful approval.

Our service has been designed to meet all compliance standards, and when you become a member, you’ll be kept up to date with any policy changes and informed of new information you need to know as a provider.

NDIS Provider Registration assistance in New South Wales

At PROVIDERplus, we specialise in supporting thousands of people to complete their NDIS provider registration in New South Wales with the greatest of ease. All too often, the NDIS registration process in New South Wales can be complicated and confusing, taking up far too much of your time.

By trusting PROVIDERplus to register as an NDIS provider in New South Wales, you can focus on the more important aspects of your business and be confident that your application will be completed professionally and accurately.

What can we offer you at PROVIDERplus?

At PROVIDERplus, we have a range of options to suit you as you register for NDIS in New South Wales. From complete NDIS application assistance to membership with ongoing support, you will have everything you need to be an NDIS provider.

Our VIP Registration Service offers you a package where we take care of the whole process for you. We will complete your application forms, self-assessments and all policies and forms. They will be given to you in an editable Microsoft Word document for ease of use. Your VIP Registration Service also includes an auditor introduction and rectifications post-audit.

With a service that is both quick and professional, there is no need to go anywhere else.

Our PROVIDERplus membership means that you’re not alone when you submit your NDIS commission registration in New South Wales. Instead, we offer a service that means you can come to us for help and support.

What Are The Membership Benefits at PROVIDERplus?

There are many benefits to becoming a member with us and our service is there to help you with ongoing support. Our team are experts in NDIS registration and re-certification services, and we give you access to all our understanding and knowledge.

Each month you’ll have access to a range of live webinars on key issues that affect care providers. There are also programs to help you with your audit preparation and ongoing policy updates.

Along with all of this, your membership will give you five hours of 1:1 consulting where you can ask any questions that you may have.

Make your registration a success with PROVIDERplus

To get the best support with your NDIS service provider registration in New South Wales, choose PROVIDERplus. We can give you more and help ensure that your registration is successful.

Whether you are registering as an NDIS provider for the first time or you want ongoing support with consulting, audit assistance, policy creation or VIP Renewal Service, PROVIDERplus is here for you.

Start Your Journey to Become an NDIS Provider in NSW Today!

Need NDIS provider registration assistance Want to learn more about the services we offer? You can reach our team by calling us on 1300 852 790 and we’ll be delighted to answer your questions or offer any assistance. Alternatively, you can reach the team either by emailing our support email address or filling in the contact form on our contact page.

We’re always happy to walk you through our services and help you find the perfect membership option.

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I highly recommend this service it has been an easy journey staff are professional have very good knowledge and happy to help. I was unsure when I started this process if I could manage PROVIDERplus has been wonderful. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who ever may thinking about this journey.. do it and you'll have no regrets.
Raelene Sciberras
I have been more than impressed with the professional approach, the individual service and the hassle free journey we've had to submit our application for reaccreditation. Information was delivered well before the scheduled time and was in an easy format to understand. Nina has been a god-send, making this part of our journey so easy. We are lucky to have you working with us ?
Barcaldine Regional Council
I strongly recommend PROVIDERplus to any new NDIS service providers seeking help for registration. All the staff are friendly and professional, always approachable, really resourceful and always accessible to attend to various doubts and queries which are common for a new provider-to-be like Dolphin Wellness. The VIP membership is truly value-for-money. I can’t imagine what a messy and stressful situation it would be if we didn’t get help from PROVIDERplus! The well-prepared policies and procedures, tailor made self-assessment answers, step-by-step guidance from the registration consultants, vast amount of related forms and templates, and well organised free webinars offering practical advice on various aspects ranging from NDIS service application to business operation, you can get almost anything you need for your application. It’s definitely a wise choice for us to select PROVIDERplus!
Xiu Liu
Thank you for the webinar last week … it was truly helpful and created clarity for our business.
Fiona Jack
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