Become an NDIS provider
in Western Australia

How To Become An NDIS Provider In WA

From December 1, 2020 The NDIS Commission has started to manage the NDIS scheme in WA.
From 1st December 2020, any existing NDIS providers registered with the NDIA will be automatically transferred to the NDIS. However, any pending applications, both for new providers and those wishing to extend services and support, will not be transferred and must be resubmitted to the NDIS Commission.

Registered providers must:
  • comply with the NDIS conditions of registration, the NDIS Practice Standards, worker screening requirements and the NDIS Code of Conduct
  • have an in-house incident management system, notifying reportable incidents to the NDIS Commission
  • support participants who wish to make a complaint and have a complaints management and resolution system in place
  • if appropriate, conform to behaviour support requirements and report any restrictive practices to the NDIS Commission
  • be able to pass a suitability assessment that will look at any previous registration, whether it or key employees have banning orders, convictions, adverse findings, enforcement actions, disqualifications or insolvency
  • put all employees through a worker orientation module that covers their roles and responsibilities, human rights, respect and risk.
Information and guidance are available from the NDIS Commission to help you meet your requirements. After registration, your performance will be monitored for compliance and any breaches can result in suspension or the registration being varied or revoked.

NDIS Provider Registration in Western Australia

Do you want to become an NDIS service provider for the first time, but you are confused by the NDIS registration process in Western Australia? Or perhaps you are looking for ongoing support as an NDIS provider? At Provider+, we support all NDIS providers with all aspects of the application process, auditing, policy creations and renewal service so that you can spend your time doing your job and not worrying about the bureaucracy.

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Rather than going direct come to Provider+ for assistance with your NDIS commission registration in Western Australia. We provide a clear route to registration and help you understand the process without feeling confused.

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Although the registration requirements for NDIS can appear daunting, they are designed to be proportionate so that smaller providers don’t have to supply as much information as those with a large number of workers and participants. This includes the auditing stage of the registration application, where small providers with limited services will undergo a desktop audit (verification) while larger ones will have a more detailed, on-site audit (certification).

The verification process will look at documentation that covers insurance, qualifications, skills and professional body membership plus how complaints and incidents are dealt with. Certification deals with risk management, support provision, operational management and governance. Modules relevant to the type of support provided must be completed and support workers have to meet specified standards.

Submission of the application and completion of the audit will be followed by assessment by the NDIS Commission and an eventual decision. We can help you through the process and ensure that success is the more likely outcome. With our knowledge and experience, the process will seem less complex and will be completed quicker and with greater certainty. And with our extensive training programmes, we can ensure workers meet all requirements.

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If you’re ready to become an approved NDIS service provider but you’re time-poor, confused by the application process or you just want to make sure it’s done right, we are here to help.

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+ Self-assessment answers
+ Policy and template forms
+ Completion of application
+ Introduction to an auditor


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