Online File Storage

A simple way for providers to protect and share documents

Access and share important files from anywhere

In our digital age, there is no more need for bulky filing cabinets or piles of paper cluttering your desk. The growing range of online data storage systems makes it easy for providers to organise and collaborate on important files and documents, no matter where they are.

As a provider there will be times that you will need to share your files remotely. Whether it’s for a remote NDIS audit or if Provider+ is undertaking your internal audit, having an online document storage system is essential.

An online document system also provides peace of mind that your crucial data is always backed up and kept secure. There are a huge range of options available, some that you may already have access to through your email account.

Just a few include:

Microsoft OneDrive

An online file storage system that is a part of Microsoft 365 (which includes email and Office software). OneDrive is simple to use, especially if you’re already used to using programs such as Word and Excel. While OneDrive has a free option, most business users would want to pay between $10-13 per month to receive greater storage space and more access to apps.

Microsoft Sharepoint

Also part of Microsoft 365 is Sharepoint, where you can file and manage documents. Sharepoint also offers more sophisticated systems to collaborate with teammates and also design and manage website content.

Google Drive

A part of Google Workspace, this online file storage could be one to choose if you’re already using Google apps, such as Gmail. Beware that by using all of these apps, you can use up your storage space quickly.


Dropbox is a cloud storage system that offers an easy way to share and sync your files. Dropbox offers large storage space and different plan options to suit every size of business. Dropbox offers encrypted storage for added security.

There are of course many other options out there, so let’s join the digital age!