Terms & Conditions / Refund Policy

Cooling-off period and refund policy for Provider Group Pty Ltd t/as Provider plus products and services.

  1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing a three (3) business day cooling-off period from the date of service agreement acceptance
  2. If there is no service agreement issued, the cooling-off period will commence from the date of issuance of the invoice
  3. Should the client decide to not proceed with the Services during the cooling-off period a full refund will be made by Provider+ to the client
  4. After the cooling-off period, all fees due for the Services are due and payable by the client
  5. Should the client request termination of the Services after the cooling-off period any refunds to the client are at the discretion of Provider+ and only in circumstances where handover of documentation has not occurred
  6. Where handover of documentation (or completion of services) has occurred, there will be no refund of any fees, for any reason
  7. No refunds will be made available after the cooling-off period for a change of mind on the service or product purchased

Terms & Conditions for Provider Group Pty Ltd t/as Provider plus recorded webinars.

  1. The information provided in this video is for general education purposes only and not to be considered specific for your situation.
  2. The access to the video has a limited time only.
  3. There is no permission given to replicate, copy or use any information in this recording for any reason unless specified in writing.
  4. There are no refunds available on purchases made.
  5. The information provided was correct at the time of recording, but we suggest you check that the information has not changed or been updated since its recording before implementing this into your business or taking information on board.
  6. Provider+ is not liable for any misinformation provided in this video.
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