New NDIS Module 2 Requirements

The new NDIS module 2 requirements outline processes for providers who use restrictive practices and write behaviour support plans. 

The new NDIS module 2 requirements state that behavioural support plans must:

  • Be created by an NDIS behaviour support practitioner who either is or has been engaged by a specialist support provider.
  • Clearly identify the restrictive practices and include plans for reducing their use, as well as monitoring and reviewing the plan.
  • Be developed within 1 month for interim plans, and 6 months for comprehensive plans from the time that the behaviour support practitioner has been engaged.
  • Be developed in consultation with the participant, as well as all other relevant persons including but not limited to family, carers, and guardians.
  • Be based on a behaviour support assessment.
  • Contain evidence-based, person-centred strategies that address the person’s needs.
  • Be lodged with the NDIS commission if the plan contains regulated restrictive practices.

Further, the restrictive practices outlined in the behaviour support plan must:

  • Reduce the risk of harm to the person with a disability or others.
  • Be the least restrictive response possible to ensure the safety of all parties.
  • Only be used as a last resort to minimise the risk of harm to the person with disability or others.
  • Be proportionate to the risk of harm and any other negative consequences.
  • Be used for the shortest possible time to ensure the safety of the person with disability and others.
  • Be clearly identified in a behaviour support plan.
  • Be authorised as per any state or territory requirements and the evidence lodged with the NDIS Commission.

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