6 Tips that can help NDIS Provider reducing the Audit cost

With new Approved Quality Auditors (AQAs) being recently approved, the time is never better to ensure you get the best possible audit price. Here the PROVIDERplus tips for how to reduce your audit cost

Think over it… be smart

Once the application is submitted and scoping form is received, providers have sufficient time to search and find the suitable auditor for their audit.

Following are the few tips that might help you get the best quote.

  1. A quick self-assessment can save you a great deal of cost and time.
  2. If you are an individual, you should opt for registering as a person (sole trader) instead of an organisation or business.
  3. Consider including only those participants who are currently receiving supports and services from you.
  4. The services and supports you haven’t provided yet should not be included in the registration
  5. You should be precise in declaring the number of full-time staff that you have currently employed.
  6. Collaborate with other providers in your area to conduct an audit together using the same audit firm. You will be able to considerably reduce your expenditure by sharing the costs on travel and accommodation.

Please note that audit prices are not regulated or set by the NDIS Commission. Therefore, providers should search, find and negotiate for the appropriate cost of their audit. Are you preparing for your NDIS Commission Quality Audit? We can offer you a range of services bespoke to your business needs. For more details click here.