Finding the right fit between NDIS provider and participant

The relationship between an NDIS participant and their care provider is an important one. Finding the right fit is the first step in creating a healthy, successful ongoing partnership.

As a participant it’s crucial that you find a provider that you can trust to give you the support that you need. This will ensure that you achieve the outcomes you are looking for. As an NDIS provider you need to listen to understand the goals of a participant and clearly communicate how you will assist your participant. Working together will help build a long-lasting and successful relationship between provider and participant.

 Below are some things for both participants and providers to consider when starting a journey together.

 What participants should consider when looking for a provider

The most important first step for a participant is to set some goals that you are looking to achieve. If you have clear goals you will have a better idea of the type/s of supports you require. Also, by having goals you will be able to understand if the provider is moving you closer to “success”. It’s fine if your goals change a long the way – you may find you achieve them sooner, you may hit some unexpected roadblocks or you simply may realise that your needs are different. Just make sure this is communicated to the provider, so they are given the chance to adjust their services if required.

When you’re looking for a provider it’s essential to ask some questions. This may be asking them some questions over the phone or you may simply be asking yourself questions as you do some online research. For example:

  • What is their experience and skills?

  • Are they a registered NDIS provider?

  • Will they build on the supports you already have in place? Whether that is through family or other providers.

  • Do they have reviews? Or do you know anyone who has used their services?

 When speaking to a provider, it’s important to explain exactly what you need, so you can both assess if they’re able to assist you

What providers should do when meeting prospective participants

The first and most important thing a provider should do when speaking to a prospective provider is be friendly! Your services can have a significant impact in their day-to-day life, so a kind and friendly demeanour can put someone at ease.

Listen carefully to what they need. This will ensure that you understand what they require and you will be able to decide whether you will can assist them or not. By clearly knowing at the outset when a participant is looking for, there is less chance for misunderstandings later. This will help keep both you and the participant happy and on the same page.

Clearly outline what you can offer to the participant, make sure they understand you are able to do for them. Most importantly, don’t make any promises that you can’t keep. It will only end in disappointment for everyone if say you offer something that you can’t.

Be sure to involve family members and understand other key people in the participant’s life, this includes other providers. By having a teamwork approach you will achieve better outcomes for the participant by tailoring your services to fit in with what is already occurring.

 The start of a beautiful partnership

Once you have decided to work together, make sure you both openly communicate. By being clear and honest you will be able to work through any issues as they occur.

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