Getting the algorithm fixed – New look of compliance pathway for Early Childhood and Therapeutic Supports

Here you will find a quick overview of how new compliance pathway will look like:

How these reforms will impact your business?

In the larger canvas, it brings a significant saving in terms of preparation time where instead of demonstrating compliance with all 80+ Quality Indicators you will need to comply with just three which we will cover in detail in our upcoming LIVE webinar (click here to get registered).

Latest development and increase in price limits of ECEI supports

This is inline with the changes to therapy in the NDIS Price Guide 2019-20, where some Early Childhood Early Intervention supports have had an increase in price limits and support line item numbers (12 new).

The name and definition of Early Childhood Early Intervention supports is now referenced as “Capacity Building Supports for Early Childhood” with role of Key worker included in the same description. 
For more details on the NDIS price guide; effective 1 July 2019, click here.

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