Helping carers live a life changing life

Carers are some of the most important people in our community. The work that they do on a daily basis provides an invaluable service to ensure quality of life for everyone. 

A Life Changing Life

Recognising the value of carers, the Australian federal government has launched a campaign to highlight the rewarding and varied job opportunities in the care and support sector called A Life Changing Life. The campaign has been designed to attract care and support workers who have the skills, values and attributes required, while also improving existing carers’ access to further training and development opportunities. 

The campaign website offers a range of tools and resources for prospective carers and  their employers. There is a dedicated page on the website for employers which provides information to help NDIS providers to attract workers.

Assist your carers

Becoming a carer in the NDIS landscape can be a fantastic career path for many people. It’s expected though that NDIS providers support their workforce to understand their obligations and to apply quality practice in their interactions with NDIS participants.

Providing your new carers with a good introduction to your business is the best way to ensure they start their new position on the right foot. You can do this by implementing a good induction program for your new employees. By having a solid beginning you can help them on the journey of a long and fulfilling career. 

To ensure a consistent approach and quality for all NDIS providers the NDIS Commission has created the Workforce Capability Framework, this translates the Commission’s principles, Practice Standards and Code of Conduct into clear and observable behaviours that service providers and workers should demonstrate when delivering services to people with disability.

PROVIDERplus can help

PROVIDERplus are the experts when it comes to the NDIS. We can assist NDIS providers at every stage of their business growth. We can even assist you with a tailor-made employee induction program.  To find out more call us today on 1300 852 790.


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