Registrations Skyrocket for Free NDIS Provider Growth Program

Savvy NDIS Service Providers across Australia are using the lockdown period to lay strong foundations for future business success, with over 700 registering for a new growth program.

Three Months to Thrive is an accelerator program geared specifically towards NDIS Providers and their unique needs. Run at their own cost by PROVIDERplus, the 12-week program will kick off on May 12th, hosted by experienced co-founders Will Flesher and Tania Gomez.

The program currently has over 700 registrations, with several hundred NDIS Providers registering during the first two days after program release.

Three Months to Thrive was originally designed exclusively for our members,” says Will Flesher of PROVIDERplus. “However, given the current climate, we decided to make it free for NDIS Providers across Australia to attend. It’s up to all of us to make sure the sector thrives.”

It underscores PROVIDERplus’ commitment to the industry, as well as the hunger among NDIS Providers for strategic advice on what is not only a complex regulatory environment, but a competitive one.


Oxygen to Survive; Nutrients to Thrive

PROVIDERplus is Australia’s leading platform for NDIS Providers; an essential toolbox for those serious about achieving business success.

The team possesses unrivalled knowledge of the NDIS regulatory framework. Key services include efficient and seamless NDIS registration and crucial updates on compliance.

However, their expertise goes far beyond the regulatory. PROVIDERplus members are mentored on how to create meaningful growth in a crowded field. The free Three Month to Thrive program is an opportunity for the wider NDIS Provider community to tap into that knowledge, during what for many is a period of uncertainty.

“Rather than spend the next three months worrying about the future, this is the time to be strategic,” says Flesher. “There are no hidden costs. It’s 12 weeks of jam-packed content designed to help NDIS Providers create a more successful and sustainable business – right now.”


A ‘Ready, Set, GO’ Approach

The first month of the program will Strengthen Business Foundations, focusing on areas such as leveraging your strengths for the NDIS sector, improving cash flow and getting service bookings right.

Month Two will Optimise Business Operations, delving into accounts and taxation, digital platforms and compliance checks. Plus there’ll be advice on leadership during uncertain times.

The third month will Accelerate Business Growth. Will and Tania will give tips on traditional and digital marketing strategy, plus identify NDIS-specific trends and opportunities.

The dynamic online course will be live-streamed, with plenty of room for questions and interaction. Sessions will also be available to watch later.

Discover the full program and register here. For more information and insights into the current state of the NDIS Provider sector, please contact:

Will Flesher

Please direct all enquiries to: Angel Taylor 02 9052 6500 | 1300 852 790