The NDIS is a lot more than just a social responsibility – See how it makes economic sense

In Queensland, the level of annual expenditure is estimated to grow from $1.8 billion to $4.3 billion in 2020. This significant economic growth provides opportunities for current and new providers.

The NDIS is a national scheme where people with disability have choice and control over how their supports are delivered and who delivers them. As a result of this change and the significant investment, Queenslanders with disability will become a powerful group of consumers and will be able to access a wider range of supports.

The NDIS will create a more competitive market based on the choices of people with disability, and service providers will be chosen by NDIS participants on the same basis as other consumer choices are made.

Businesses that have not traditionally delivered services to people with disability may enter the market, including businesses providing niche services. The NDIS will also open up opportunities for people with disability to access a wider range of services from yoga instructors to holidays and technology.

Service providers expanding into new geographic areas or delivering a wider range of services and supports may need supplementary resources to increase their infrastructure or strengthen their capabilities in certain areas such as human resources, IT systems and marketing and communications.

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